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Healthy eating

Excluding breakfast, the nursery provides all the food required by your child throughout the day.

As part of our Food Policy we provide children with a nutritious, varied and appealing diet:  We follow, and exceed, the National Nutritional Standards for Nurseries.  Meals are prepared on site, where possible using fresh, local produce.  The majority of our meat products are local and free range, supplied by Paddocks Farm Butchery.  Our fruit and vegetables are delivered weekly from the local farm shop.  We limit the use of processed foods and the majority of meals are prepared and cooked from scratch.  There is an healthy morning snack available and a hot, two-course lunch served at around 12:00.  At 16:00 the children have their tea. Our mealtimes are relaxed and sociable times,where we encourage the development of social skills, such as good table manners, how to use cutlery and the use of polite language to both the adults and each other.  The children sit around a small table with an adult and are encouraged to serve themselves and each other. We hope that you will see evidence of your child’s growing independence and enjoyment of mealtimes at home.

Children are more active, responsive and open to learning when their dietary needs are met.  The children have access to fresh drinking water at all times, and staff actively encourage children to take drinks throughout the day.

We will cater for children with specific dietary requirements.

Download a sample menu