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We have a large number of policies which set out the philosophies and ethos behind the nursery, as well as exactly how we run on a day to day basis.  The policies are read and reviewed by all staff on a regular basis to ensure that everone follows our procedures, enabling us to support the needs of your family. 

Copies of our policies are on display to parents at the nursery at all times. You can request copies of any of the following: -

Folder Section Policy Title Leaflet Available In  ‘Accessible’ format
1. Accident and Injury Procedure Tick  
2. Admissions Policy Tick  
3. Behaviour Management Policy Tick  
4. Collection of Children Policy Tick  
5. Comments and Complaints Procedure Tick  
6. Confidentiality Policy Tick  
7. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy Tick  
8. Equipment and Resources Policy Tick  
9. Fee Payment Policy Tick Tick
10.   Fire and Emergency Procedures Tick  
11.   Food Policy Tick  
12.   Health and Safety Statement Overview leaflet called ‘Health and Safety’  
13.   Hygiene, Health and Safety Policy
14.   Internet, Mobile Phone and Camera use policy Tick  
15.   Key Person Policy Tick  
16.   Lone Working Policy Tick  
17.   Looked after children policy Tick  
18.   Outdoor Provision Tick  
19.   Parental Involvement Tick  
20.   Risk Assessment (inc. General Outing Risk Assessment) In ‘Health & Safety’ leaflet  
21.   Safeguarding Children Summary/overview leaflet Tick
22.   Special Educational Needs Statement Tick  
23.   Staffing and Recruitment Policy (inc. student placement) Tick  
24.   Transitions Policy Tick  
25.   Whistleblowing Policy Tick