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The Team

Our staff are recruited for their enthusiasm and dedication to the care and development of children.  They are continuously trained and are keen to develop their skills.  As part of our aim to be a ‘home from home’ for your child, we have a positive approach to touch within the nursery.  The children develop close relationships with the adults who care for them and they receive the care and attention that every child deserves, from tickles and chasing games to cuddles and kisses. Staff use language that is based on respect, both for children and adults as individuals and as part of a group.  Staff are actively discouraged from using negative words (such as stupid or naughty), and instead use language that encourages positive behaviour and portrays a positive self-image to the child. 

The Key Person Approach

A child's first and most important key relationships will, in the majority of cases, be with their family and close family friends.  To enable children to feel happy and secure when they spend time away from these special people, our setting offers a “Key Person” for each child and their family. 

The Key Person approach aims to support each child in feeling individual, cherished and thought about during their day at nursery.  We believe in caring for families as a whole, therefore the Key Person aims to build positive relationships with the important people in the child's life.  This partnership provides the opportunity for parents/carers to liaise with someone else who cares for their child.

Your Key Person has the responsibility of keeping up to date with you and your child’s specific needs.  They are also responsible for the upkeep of your child’s development record – ‘The Learning Story’.