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Children aged 3 years-5 years (Goslings)

The Chapel is furnished and resourced for our Goslings although younger children may play and learn in this environment when we feel it is appropriate.  Within the chapel, the space is organised to allow children access to activities and Where's Wallyexperiences such as mark-making, ICT, role play, craft and art, books and reading and sensory play.  Alongside this independent play, children are encouraged to join in with activities and learning opportunities offered by the staff.  This includes cooking, art and craft, music, circle times, games, dance and stories.

Children can play and learn in the lounge, conservatory, on the patio, the messy room, quiet room or the kitchen.  They are encouraged to explore, socialise and learn at their own pace in a happy and relaxed atmosphere which allows the children to really feel at home, enjoying ownership of their nursery.

Staff focus on each child’s individual needs and organise independent play and activity times accordingly. As your Key Person spends time with your child during their play and activities, they will make observations which are used to monitor progress and see what they are interested in.  This knowledge is used to influence further opportunities for learning based on your child’s interests together with Early Years curriculum guidance.  You will receive feedback from a member of staff (usually your child's key person) at the end of the day which is a great time to share information and catch up on how your child is doing.