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Outdoor Classroom

The garden and patio are equipped for all ages with areas for ride-on toys and physical play but also has quieter spaces with natural shade. We also have our own Orchard with apple, pear and plum trees which we use as another space in which to learn and play. Here we can offer the opportunity for discovering nature (from planting and growing to going on bug hunts!) 

We also venture further afield, using all of our surroundings as an extension to the nursery.  We are always keen to take opportunities for outings because we know that this gives children a much broader and well-rounded world view, as well as direct experience of their local environment. 

We value our role within the local community respecting the children’s place in it.  Children are given the opportunity to interact with different areas in the locality, with shopping trips, excursions to the library and visits to other settings.

feeding ducks