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Mulberry Bush Day Nursery: Improvement and Development Plan

Mulberry Bush Day Nursery in Mulbarton and Mulberry Bush Day Nursery at St.Edmunds aim to provide high standards of care and education for children, the best service to families and parents and a supportive and happy working environment for the employees, students and volunteers. In order to do this, the management team of each setting constantly monitor and review every aspect of nursery life including items as diverse as mealtimes and the quality of food provided, employment law and benefits, health and safety of premises and individual educations plans and activities. We use these observations to set targets for the nursery which then make up our 'Improvement and Development Plan' (The IDP.) We also regularly consult with our families and the rest of our team to ensure that all views are represented.

In order to ensure that we fully meet our duties under the Equalities Act we have specific Equality Objectives highlighted in our IDP, these are stated below:

  • To fully establish the role of 'Equality Named Coordinator' (ENCO) and develop a Deputy ENCO role;
  • To summarise all policies in a more accessible format; have a 'Policy of the month' where each policy is presented in poster format highlighting it's main points - have the summary, policy leaflet and full policy displayed alongside for parents to take away;
  • To review our 'Equality and Diversity Policy' and rename it 'Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy' including recommendations from the ENCO training.