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Ducklings and Goslings

Children aged 2 years (Ducklings) and 3 – 5 years (Goslings)

A large, spacious room is shared by children aged 2 years and above.  The Ducklings (aged 2-3yrs) are staffed at a 1:4 ratio and the Goslings (aged 3-5yrs) at a 1:8 ratio.

The room is arranged into 'areas' where children can access equipment and resources independently or supported by staff members.  The resources are age appropriate and include books, sand and water trays, real and natural resources, puzzles, art and craft equipment, musical instruments, IT equipment, construction kits, role play resources and much more.  The children are encouraged to explore, socialise and learn at their own pace in a happy and relaxed atmosphere.

Alongside this independent play, children are encouraged to join in with planned activities and learning opportunities offered by the staff.  This includes cooking, art and craft, music, circle times, games, dance and stories.

There is free-flow access to our Garden Room from the Ducklings and Goslings Room