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Children aged 3 months to 2 years

This purpose built area incorporates three main rooms for play; the lounge, the messy room and the quiet room.  It has its own kitchen, a nappy changing room and a separate cot room.  The lounge is furnished as a comfortable home environment with areas for messy play, floor games and activities, books and quiet times. The messy room is used for a variety of reasons and activities – from mealtimes and sensory play through to simply being an extra space to explore, allowing the children to be split into groups if required.

The babies and toddlers experience a wide range of stimulating activities as the room is run by caring and dedicated staff (at a ratio of 1 adult to every 3 babies) who have a special Fledglingsaffinity with children of this age and an excellent knowledge of their needs and development.

Although the Fledglings have their own dedicated area, we encourage all our children, whatever their age, to mix together at different times during the day, enjoying activities such as music, mealtimes and stories together.  This adds to the family, home from home feel of our nursery.